As Propel Network go into the next phase of innovative service offering, we have embarked on using Drones to provide leading edge services. The application of using drones in different field are listed below :


Drone inspections are cheaper, faster, and better than traditional telecom inspections. Drone inspections can be easily integrated with your workflow and reports to reduce time and maximize efficiency.We can put up a drone in place of a temporary tower from the space of a parking spot and fly while damaged infrastructure is rebuilt.


Industrial inspections, routine or otherwise, mostly involve the use of ladders, ropes and rigs to scale large machinery and towers, oversee processes and locate bottlenecks. As well as being risky for inspectors, the process requires machinery to be shut down, resulting in significant financial implications. Drone solution offers inspectors a professional tool for viewing difficult-to-access areas, giving them a safer, more cost-efficient way of gaining greater insight into operation-critical processes. By creating a completely automatic platform the drone is autonomously deployed and landed, with pre-defined missions and applications, to collect aerial data which the system analyzes, providing a clear picture of difficult-to-access machinery.


Public safety agencies are increasingly using drones to detect hot spots in fires, catalog crime scenes and capture armed suspects. Drones provides rescuers with an easily deployable aerial thermal imaging system that dramatically accelerates the search for missing people by highlighting thermal signatures and can even see through foliage. This allows it to cover vast areas in a single flight, searching more area than any one group of people would be capable of.

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