Kyocera Propel Network is a game changer solutions provider in the Information, Communication & Technology and Environmental Energy Industry with services and products that provide high quality strategy, consulting and implementation solutions to all customers. With a range of full end-to-end turnkey engineering services in the ICT and Clean Energy space, network operators, equipment manufacturers, power producers and businesses can enjoy premium Project Management, Design, Planning, Optimization, Environmental Engineering, Operations & Maintenance and other critical services that ensure the smooth running and success of any project.

Providing highly skilled professionals in both an in-source and outsource capacity allows for customized solutions that fit any business requirement. All this is supported with a suite of in-house developed software tools and products from around the world that range from test & measurement equipment, 3D mapping, cutting-edge Drone technology to state-of-the-art security, asset management and business enterprise software solutions – all of which are available to our clients. Established in 2008 with a presence and clients in Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar and Cambodia, Kyocera Propel Network is on track to be a regional leader in the ICT as well as the Environmental sector and will continuously strive to provide the best for all clients and customers