About Us

Propel Network is a game changer solutions provider in the Information, Communication & Technology and Environmental Energy Industry with services and products that provide high quality strategy, consulting and implementation solutions to all customers. With a range of full end-to-end turnkey engineering services in the ICT and Clean Energy space, network operators, equipment manufacturers, power producers and businesses can enjoy premium Project Management, Design, Planning,Optimization, Environmental Engineering, Operations & Maintenance and other critical services that ensure the smooth running and success of any project.

Providing highly skilled professionals in both an insource and outsource capacity allows for customized solutions that fit any business requirement. All this is supported with a suite of inhouse developed software tools and products from around the world that range from test & measurement equipment, 3D mapping, cutting-edge Drone technology to state-of-the-art security, asset management and business enterprise software solutions – all of which are available to our clients.

Established in 2008 with a presence and clients in Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar and Cambodia, Propel Network is on track to be a regional leader in the ICT as well as the Environmental sector and will continuously strive to provide the best for all clients and customers.

Why Us?

End-to-End Services Provider

End-to-end services and project management from planning and design to project closure

Regional Experience

Offices in Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar & Cambodia and soon the whole South East Asia

Cost Effective

Optimized cost, customized and designed to cater any client’s needs